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Enterprise Consulting

proven enterprise expertise in Automotive, Banking/Finance/Trading, Supply Chain, Broadcasting, and eCommerce.

Hello, We Are Factorial 42 Labs

We Build Minimal Viable Product Prototypes Of Startup Business Visions.

Realize your startup’s vision with a prototype of your product to inexpensively testing your assumptions in the real market before investing in a full scale platform.
Machine Learning

Give your company a competitive edge with natural language processing, advanced scientific and statistical computational models, and artificial intelligence.

We tame the noise created by this exploding industry, gaining you meaningful insight and and activation for your business.
Fully Scaling Platforms

We build your sites and platforms to be able handle millions of dollars and thousands of concurrent users.

Bring Your Idea

You’ve worked hard to come up with and flesh out your idea. Time to get it prototyped so you can see how well the idea translates to real markets.

We’ll Help Build It

Our team builds your vision quickly and effectively so you can immediately test its market viability. All this with easy integration to your current platform or stand alone depending on your needs.

Your One Stop MVP Shop

1. Smart Rapid Protoyping

We time-box development cycles into highly structured, goal oriented, weekly feature deliveries. The result are build/ measure/learn cycles that are incredibly efficient without sacrificing quality. We live by Lean/Agile product development methodologies to minimize waste and maximize outputs.

If you have any questions our team of experts is ready to handle any question.

Chat With Our Seriously Smart Team
2. Right Tools & Open-Source Orchestration

Technology is analogous to the mechanics toolbox. There are many tools open source and otherwise which could be used to effectively do the same job. The best mechanic is the one that chooses the right tool the first time and every time amidst continuous innovation and new tools coming out at an ever increasing pace. We are those expert mechanics, versatile mavens ready to take on your vision.

3. Continuous Delivery & Integration

At the conclusion of each weeks efforts, a working software is delivered for you to review and test for functionality and efficacy in matching the business requirement. We simultaneously work forward from the start line and back from the finish line so that you can see precisely where you are on the path to realization of your vision.

We Have All The Know-How
You’re Going To Need

The scope of our work includes:

  • Acting as your Chief Technology Officer
  • Enterprise architect
  • Technology process consulting
  • Technology team management
  • SCRUM/agile process implementation
  • Enterprise service oriented architecture
  • Quality assurance implementation including test case build out and continuous integration system deployment
  • UI/UX design and development
  • Website and e-commerce enterprise portal
  • Mobile application development
  • Product engineering, backend and cloud services
  • Digital strategy and consulting

Desktop Level Programs


App Development


Web Development




UI/UX Design


Case Study

The Proof Is In The Pudding


Essential Industry Know-How

F42 is a rare organization that has the ability to...
1) Design creative architectures to deal with complex architectures and project lifecycle issues
3) Explain these solutions to different audiences
4) drive the delivery of these solutions
They are high energy, motivated and they enjoy the pursuit of elegant solutions to complex problems.

Alan RosenbaumDirecTV

"I have really enjoyed working with F42. Their team is incredibly bright and talented. I finally feel like I found developers that know how to connect that dots and understand where I am coming from as a business owner"

Erik HubermanCEO, Hawke Media

Factorial 42’s vision, and understanding of the enterprise market’s needs for big data analysis and machine learning, helped us plan out our next 18 months of business strategy and development goals.

Lee DonahoeCo-Founder & CPO,

F42 Labs has that unique blend of design talent, vision and execution that delivers applications with a great product-market fit.

Simon AndersonOcean Avenue Ventures

What Slate does for scalable multi-platform digital products, F42 does for big data and AI. They’re great to work with, really collaborative.

Christophe Lindstrom Slate Studios

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